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"KAGRI, LTD." OFFERS STAINLESS STEEL FLUES (with straight welds of flues workpieces)
Within several years in many places of the world people use the stainless steel flues which are qualitative and state-of-the-art alternative to the brickwork ones. The specialists assume that one of main advantages of the steel flues is the possibility to mount them from any floor where there is a fireplace, fire-chamber or heating boiler.

"KAGRI, LTD." offers the Latvian make certificated products, manufactured of qualitative stainless steel, as well as designing and qualitative mounting the smoke flues, which meet the Latvian construction regulations. It means that the Customer can be sure that this flue is mounted correctly and will be safe in usage.

We offer a wide spectrum of the services connected with flues manufacture and mounting:
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Designing
  • Consultation
Stainless steel flues are universal. They can be installed both in new and reconstructed houses. The flues can be used in the construction of owner-occupied houses, multi-storey residential buildings and industrial buildings. These items are used especially widely in the buildings, where heating is under substitution or updating. If new heating boilers, fireplaces or furnaces are installed or it is necessary to fettle the brickwork flues, the specialists recommend using only stainless steel materials. The specialists of "KAGRI, LTD." develop a suitable design for each specific object, mount and install smoke flues, as well as connect heating plants to the installed flue.

One of basic advantages of the steel flues is the possibility of installation from any floor where there is the fireplace, fire-chamber or heating boiler.

It is possible to install such flues in interior rooms and to lead them out through the roof, or to install them along the external wall of the building. It is also important that the flue part, which is above the roof, or the flue end part may be made of the material, which matches to the roof material tone and corresponds to the roof overcoat. "KAGRI, LTD." offers doing up the flue decorative end part into the roof in correspondence with any material of the roof, as well as masking air conduits and enhancing aesthetic appearance of the roof. The specialists calculated that such flues are economical, because they can be fast mounted and installed and there is no necessity to build the supporting foundation, as these materials are light. It is possible to start the flue installation from any place of the building and it does not occupy big space.

Only high-quality materials are used in the flues manufacture and their mounting is made according to the Latvian construction regulations. The Customers have the possibility to mount them according to the regulations on their own. It is necessary to know that such flues should be acquired only from the certificated enterprises, in this case there will be the guarantee that the product is qualitative and its usage will be safe.

It is advantageous for the Customers to achieve optimum solutions in the flues installation for average pricing.

There are advantages of such flues usage in comparison with the brickwork ones: their draught is stronger and their resistance to negative effects of the condensation moisture is better. There is one more important aspect: the steel flues increase the building fire safety. Admissible working temperature of the flues is 350 °C. The stainless steel can also protect the brickwork flue from negative effects of the condensation moisture.

"KAGRI, LTD." provides one-year guarantee on installation works and five-years guarantee on flues components. The enterprise also manufactures any non-standard components, necessary for the stainless steel flues installation.

We first in Latvia make the flues components with straight welds. It meets the European standards requirements!

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