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All modern heating systems with low flue gas emission temperatures can be connected to ceramic chimneys. Ceramic chimneys are acid-resistant, therefore long-lived.

Ceramic chimneys consist of external hollow block, layer of heat-insulating wool and internal ceramic tube. The external hollow block is made of ceramsite concrete and does not weigh much. The internal ceramic tube is made from fire clay ceramic. Fire clay is a clay product that has been processed by intense heat (1300-1450 °C), crushed and sorted. Depending on its composition, fire clay melting temperature fluctuates from 1580 to 1750 °C. In turn, burning soot can even reach the temperature of 1000 °C. These chimneys can be equally well used both at high and low flue gas temperature.

Chimneys have good draught, as the shape of the internal channel is round and therefore provides minimum aerodynamic resistance. No soot deposits form on the smooth internal walls, they are easy to clean. Ceramic chimneys are offered in complete sets consisting of module blocks, fire-clay pipes, condensate pipe, chimney cone, forked tube for ventilation connection at 90 to 45 degree angle, acid-resistant putty, a metallic mould, mould for applying mixture, saw blade for mineral wool, assembly instructions and special masonry mortar for assembly, etc. If it is intended to connect several heating appliances to the chimney, it is possible to construct one chimney with double module blocks, i.e. so that two separate connected blocks form a circuit in one channel. Blocks with ventilation channels are available separately in addition. It has to be noted that ceramic chimneys have the advantage of being completely certified and compliant with all EU standards and local fire safety and construction standards.

Angular fire clay claddings are also available, if required.

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